Thursday, February 28, 2013


I spend a lot of time documenting the amazing lives of other people. I'm constantly writing about incredible people and their awesome experiences and remarkable talents. I so envy them. They all have a niche.

That's something I'm lacking.

I have so many friends who have a niche.

 My close college friend, Kyle, loves fashion and interior design. She blogs about fashion of course, and was recently the featured blogger on Style Spies, a unique website about fashion and style. (

Melinda, my sister-in-law loves party planning and decorating, and her blog is about just that. (

One of my very best high school buddies Heather is an adventurist. She's a world traveler and was commissioned to write a series of hiking books.

And, one of my newest friends, Lindsey, here in Chicagoland came about her niche just this year. After her daughter had a rough start in kindergarten and first grade, she decided to completely change her family's diet. The end result was a miraculous improvement in her daughter's school performance. Lindsey is now a food ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and was a guest on a Food Revolution webcast yesterday. (

I'm so happy for my friends and how they are so passionate. They have truly found their voices.

Maybe they'll help me find mine.

It's not that I don't have interests or passions or talents. There are a lot of things I love to do. The problem is I don't excel at one particular thing. I'm just adequate at a lot of things. I'm a runner, though my last major race was almost two years ago. I love the outdoors, but sometimes I'd rather snuggle up with a book than leave the house. I like to cook, but I'm pretty much a recipe kind of girl. I love my kids, but sometimes I'd rather do laundry than play a game with them. Of course I like to write, but I'm not Pulitzer material.

I guess I'm jack-of-some trades, master of none. Maybe just maybe that's OK. Because maybe that's just my niche.

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  1. You are talented in SO many ways. I think you shine at being a great friend and a caring, mom, wife, sister and daughter. I wish I was as witty a writer. You have a knack for putting pen to paper. Thanks for my shout-out. Love you! xox