Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy 3 Josie

Dear Josie,
Today you are 3.
We looked at your baby pictures last night and you wondered why you had a boo boo in the hospital.

It's hard to think back to those first days---you with tubes taped to your face and hooked up to all kinds of machines. The incessant beeping and the days I couldn't feed or hold you.

The day you were born I couldn't see you at all and those hours were so long and hard, yet not nearly as hard as the night I went home from the hospital without you. Daddy pushed me in a wheelchair into an elevator and out the door and my arms felt so empty without you.

Because from the moment I met you I knew I could  never live without you. You were meant to be part of our family and were such a special Christmas gift. You really make everyone happy. Your first real smile was at about 3 weeks. That entire first year  you never stopped smiling. I was obsessed with your gorgeous grin and I was the annoying mom constantly snapping your picture.

You are a little girl you truly changed our family and gave us a different outlook on life. How lucky we are to have you!

To you everything is exciting! You are so full of life and still the smiliest little girl. Even when you get hurt, you're quick to say "I'm OK!" with a sweet little smile. You genuinely love everything. Dance. Swim. Music. School. Animals. People. Pretty Dresses. Haircuts. FOOD! It's pretty easy to make you happy. Every morning you wake up and say "It's a sunny day Mama!"---even when it's raining.

You love your brother and sister and want so desperately to be just like them. You yell "Hi-Ya!" at karate and sing along as Julie strums her ukulele. You try to join in games of Chess and Heads Up, and Nerf gun wars, and you love chasing around all the big kids in the neighborhood. You just want to be included in everything.

You love to snuggle and you are completely irresistible when you ask for "huggies". You're infatuated with butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses and ask for them over and over, and that's pretty hard to resist too.

Three years ago you won over our hearts and we just can't imagine life without you.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl!

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