Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do I have to?

So far I have successfully escaped PTO.
I have quietly enjoyed Julie's school from afar...happily reading stories at book club or organizing games at field day or baking treats for the bake sale. But, I have not been asked to be room mom or serve on a board or join a committee or head a big project. I was in the backseat and liking it.

Well, apparently that's all over.
I have now been enlisted to write and publish the school's monthly newsletter, as well as join the book club committee.

How exactly did this happen?
More I really have to?

I know that sounds completely terrible, but it's not what you think. I really love participating in school activities and being there for after school events with Julie. What I don't like is the commitment. Working at home and staying at home with kids, I feel like my life is already overbooked. I don't want to feel committed to one more thing. I don't want to be stressed about finishing a school newsletter on time or worrying about who's going to watch Johnny while I organize activities at book club meetings. I don't believe immersing yourself in school activities makes you a better parent. I think it just makes you a busier parent...something I really don't aspire to be.

I want to be there for Julie and Johnny and their school activities, but I don't quite have the desire yet to be a head volunteer at the school.

Despite my reservations, I said yes to both requests. What can I say? They picked the girl who can never say no.

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