Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Five more weeks with my pumpkin

That's me and my pumpkin on Halloween---about 32 weeks prego.

My sister Kelly says it looks like I'm holding a yoga ball.

I probably should be offended, but I absolutely love my big old pumpkin. The bigger and rounder my baby bump becomes, the happier I feel.

I have a few Facebook friends who constantly complain about being pregnant. They feel fat. Their feet ache. They miss drinking wine. They hate when people touch their bellies and they are furious when someone comments about their size.

I guess I can understand all that. There are plenty of unpleasant aspects about being pregnant. But, overall, I think it's something to be proud of and enjoy. The time you carry another human being is fleeting---40 weeks (or in my case 37). And the time you are able to carry another human being is also fleeting---(At 36 years old I know this too well.) It's a blip on the timeline of your life.

And this is our last baby, so I plan to cherish these remaining 5 weeks. I want to stop and feel my baby's moves and kicks and stretches. I want to dream about what she will look like and be like. I want to eat ice cream, and show off my bump to the world.

 Touch my belly. Ask me whether I'm having twins and look surprised when I say "no."  Or exclaim "You must be due any day now!" in amazement.

I will just smile, puff out my belly and proudly waddle away.

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