Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy 70th Daddy

Birthdays were always a big deal growing up.
My sister and I would start celebrating a week or two before our big day, and then our actual parties were pretty cool. I remember clowns and magicians, a trip to an amusement park, skating parties and swimming. Birthdays were special.

Except for our dad's. He isn't too fond of birthdays because he just hates the thought of getting older. So, we never made a big to-do of Dad's birthdays. Double chocolate cake and some presents and that's it.

Last Friday he turned 70.
You have to make a big deal of 70, right?

Kelly and I wanted to throw him a big party or take him on a special trip. But, this year's completely crazy with her wedding and our little Josie being born. Not to mention that we all live so far away.

So, we didn't make any big birthday plans.

But, mom and dad stayed with us from Christmas until last weekend, so we decided to take him on a little trip to Chattanooga...about 2 hours away from Atlanta.

It wasn't fancy or filled with tons of activities, but it was perfect for us. He loves Civil War history so we explored the Chattanooga battlefields and ate some great burgers and barbeque. There were little bundt cakes and plenty of homemade presents.

We hope we made Dad feel special because he's pretty special to us.

And one of these days we'll go all out for his big day.

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