Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It was probably the worst Julie had ever performed.
Her voice trembled. Her fingers fumbled over the piano keys. She rushed through some parts of the song, yet stalled on others.

But we couldn't have been more proud.

Julie sang and played the piano in front of roomful of people at her school's talent show. Just to get up and perform took talent. Unprovoked, Julie volunteered to perform in the talent show. Scott and I were shocked.

She's not always one who wants to take the stage. During preschool performances, Julie usually stood on stage, lips closed tightly, and head held down. Even in more recent performances, Julie is definitely not one to stand out  in a crowd. She doesn't sing the loudest, and often forgets hand motions or dance steps.

So, when Julie mentioned participating in the talent show, we were curious about the outcome. She decided to play the song "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen and sing along. Her piano teacher worked with her and helped her. She knew the notes and words by heart.

Donning an Elsa-like dress, Julie took the stage. Though there were some nerves and mistakes, but it was the courage that impressed us the most. Way to go to our brave little girl!

Julie and Scott before the show

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