Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family of 5---we're doing it!

Dare I say that life with three kids isn't so hard? (I'm sure this blog will be a jinx.)
I know we're only one month into our new life as a family of five but this three-kid thing isn't as difficult as we thought. And it's not as crazy, hectic or stressful as people warned us about.

Maybe Scott and I are still running on adrenaline or maybe we're just completely smitten with our new baby girl Josie, but seriously this life is do-able and actually enjoyable.
I'm thinking maybe we timed this third kid thing just right. Julie is 9.  Johnny is 5. There's been minimal jealousy or acting out and both older kids are dying to help with the baby. They fetch diapers and pacifiers. They feed bottles and rock her. They sing and read books to their sister. They clamor over being the first to hold her and run to her at her first whine or cry.
Baby Josie has got it made. And, honestly so do we. (For now at least.)

Part of this whole thing is probably the fascination with a new baby--kind of like a new toy or puppy. She's completely adorable and sweet and easy to love. Maybe having three kids will sink in once she's moving around and throwing tantrums, or when the novelty of having a baby sister wanes.

Right now life is pretty sweet. I think I'll just take it all in and enjoy.

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