Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day in the big city? Check.

This is how I imagined today's St. Patrick's Day Festivities in downtown Chicago:

Julie and Johnny amazed as they watched the Chicago River magically change to emerald green. The kids dancing as they watched the many floats pass by on Columbus Drive for the huge St. Patrick's Day parade. All of us hugging as one big Chi-rish family.

This is the reality of our fun-filled St. Patrick's Day adventure in the big city:

A drunk teenager throwing up in the seat in front of us on our first family train ride into the city. The puke slowly trickled towards our feet, so Julie and I hopped across the aisle.
Whining as the river took "FOREVER" to turn from dirty green to bright green, and "Why isn't the whole river turning green?"
I also got "I'm cold." "I'm hungry." "I'm tired." "When is the parade going to start?" "This is too much walking." "I want to go home."

The realization that there was no way in heck we were going to actually SEE the parade as we were behind crowds upon crowds of people.
 Heading back to the train station after 15 minutes of kind-of parade watching, and of course being unable to find the Blue Line to take us home.

The brightest spot of the day? Julie and Johnny giggling as they chased pigeons in Millenium Park.

At least we tried braving the city for the big celebration and now we know to never go back....unless we're there to drink green beer (without kids of course.)

I love St. Patrick's Day? Why is no one else with me on this one??

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