Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Munch: Crabcakes

I'm a crabcake snob.
I may have moved away from Charm City almost 8 years ago, but I know my crabcakes.
Don't give me filler. Use only lump blue crabmeat. Don't let me spy pimentos. And don't hold back on the Old Bay.
Non-Baltimore friends and family tease me, but I will never ever eat a crabcake anywhere but Baltimore.
So, when I return to my favorite city in the world for a visit, I can never eat enough crabcakes. This most recent trip we were in the Baltimore area for three days and I ate four crabcakes. One was served at our friend's wedding reception, so that doesn't quite count, but you get the point.
I have to say my favorite for that trip was from G & M Restaurant and Lounge in Linthicum. I was taking Scott back to the airport that Sunday afternoon and we were determined to eat one last crabcake before leaving Baltimore. Searching the internet for a perfect spot not too far from BWI, we found G & M, which earned great reviews on Yelp for crabcakes.
The parking lot was packed, but we were seated immediately and greeted by one of the best waitresses we have had in years. I might have been a tad biased as I nostalgically admired her familiar accent and Orioles t-shirt, but she really was exceptional.
The crab dip was a little too creamy with not enough Old Bay, but the crabcakes were perfect. Almost completely pure crab, seasoned generously with Old Bay with no filler.
When can I go back?

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