Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just don't blow it.

Tiptoeing into Julie's room, I just knew I was going to blow it.
It was too much pressure.
I was juggling a tooth fairy certificate, a personal letter from the tooth fairy and a $5 bill (yes $5! can you believe it?) Meanwhile I had to frantically search for a tiny tooth on a cluttered dresser (we couldn't find the tooth fairy pillow. Don't ask) and a letter to the tooth fairy.
All without making a peep.

It felt like an impossible mission, but I did it!

Scott and I take turns being tooth fairy because we dread it so much.

Because if you blow the tooth fairy you pretty much ruin everything. The entire house of lies will crumble. Santa. Elves. Easter Bunny. Leprechaun. It's all over if you screw up the tooth fairy, which is why it's such a critical mission.

Fantasy is all fun and games until your kid is in second grade and you're this close to crushing her dreams. Luckily our kids believe in pretty much everything mystical.

Just an example--Julie, who apparently thinks the tooth fairy is her pen pal, asked the tooth fairy whether ice fairies exist. She also told the tooth fairy that she's "the best friend she ever had." This is the same girl who was convinced her friend, who was given a magic wand from the tooth fairy this winter, was able to turn winter into spring immediately. She was pissed when that didn't happen.

How in the heck are we going to deal with this child once she comes to terms with reality?

I  guess we'll deal when the time comes. At least it seems like we'll have a little while longer.

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