Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pretty Girl

It ain't easy being pretty.
Or, at least this is the latest drama in Julie's life right now. Being 8 is hard. I get it. But, sometimes our strong-willed little girl seems to find reasons to be unhappy.

Her latest angst is she hates dressing up.
"I just want to wear random pants and random shirts," she tells me. "Why does it matter what you look like on the outside?"

Unfortunately, for our deep-thinking daughter, there are times you have to look nice. Such, as Easter. Or a party. Or a school event.

The most dramatic incident happened last week when I informed Julie she had to wear a dress for a school performance. She was pissed. While rolling her eyes consistently, she promptly listed 20 reasons why a dress wasn't necessary. Number 3 was--"I hate being pretty!!"

Huh? That one really got me.

In second grade, I would have loved to be in Julie's shoes. I was probably 15 pounds overweight and I  frequently got mistaken for a boy because of my "pixie" haircut. Not to mention the mullet I gradually grew by sixth grade.

How can one "hate" being pretty?

After school that day, Julie handed me a story she had written about two girls named Sarah and Anna. Anna always looked beautiful---curls in her hair, gorgeous dresses, sparkly shoes. Sarah just rolled her eyes at Anna. Sarah hated being pretty and didn't see the need for it. Anna was spoiled and mean. Sarah, however, was nice and kind, and knew the only thing that mattered was inner beauty.

Ok. Ok. We get it Julie. Well played. But, you still have to wear that beautiful blue dress we bought you for the talent show.

Our pretty girl on a day she actually didn't mind dressing up. She was going to a dance with her Daddy.

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