Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy's girl

We called it "running away."
Just Daddy and me.

We'd escape. Packed suitcases and all, and we'd go somewhere by the water. I don't even really know where, and Dad doesn't quite remember the place he'd used to take me. But, I remember it clearly. There were boats and I loved watching water lap at the dock and ducks bob in the distance.
We'd stand there a while, hand in hand, just peaceful and content.
Then, we'd end our outing with triple scoops of peanut butter cup ice cream.
Those were the best days--the days I knew Daddy pretty much loved me more than anyone else in the world. I felt the same.

There's just something about a daughter and her daddy. An unbreakable bond.

I see this in Julie and Scott.
As soon as the garage door creaks open Julie runs into her daddy's arms to welcome him home for the night. She's devastated when he has to travel for work, and she loves attention from Daddy more than anyone else.

Last night was a night to remember for Julie...and Scott too.. the daddy/daughter Hawaiian Luau with her Daisy Troop. Scott could have stayed home parked in front of the TV watching the Final Four tournament with a few beers.

Instead, he spent the night swinging Julie around, barely leaving the dance floor and making his only daughter feel like a princess.

Because that's what Daddies do.

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