Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Field Trip: Shedd Aquarium's Penguin Encounter

It was the day Julie had been anxiously awaiting--a trip to Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago to meet and pet a real penguin.

A couple years ago Julie decided her favorite animal was a penguin and she hasn't changed her mind. So, for her birthday we decided to surprise her with a special Penguin Encounter at Shedd. What made it even more special was her Aunt Kelly adopted a real penguin from Shedd for Julie. She named him "Flimmer" and couldn't wait to meet him.

Though we didn't actually meet the penguin Julie adopted, the Penguin Experience was still amazing. Scott, Julie, Johnny and I were among a group of just eight people to meet a penguin named Sparrow. The shockingly tame and calm penguin walked around our feet, and we each pet and took pictures with the penguin. Julie seemed to be in a state of disbelief.

It was definitely an experience to remember.


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