Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Push it.

Exactly two years ago Scott and I ran a marathon. Yes. 26.2 miles.
It seems like a lifetime ago.
The training was painful. Physically. Mentally. And totally time-consuming. We basically dedicated our lives to running. That's not easy with two small kids. Julie was 5 and Johnny was 2.
Though it was difficult, sometimes boring and we often wanted to quit, it was our thing. Our bonding. There's not much more that brings a couple closer together than running 20-plus miles together every weekend. We talked a lot. We listened to music. We helped each other and we motivated each other. Scott finished every run by saying "Push it. Sprint." And, even though we had run for hours, we would both sprint and give it our all at the end.
After our runs, we would high-five, and drive to the local sandwich shop to treat ourselves to subs, chips, Gatorade and a huge frozen coffee drink.
Six months of intense training and then we finished the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. What a feeling.

But, after we finished, we were done. That was it. We had spent so much of our time running that we were convinced we wouldn't run another race any time soon. Scott started biking. I went back to the gym. That was that.

Then, last Saturday Scott had the idea to get a babysitter and run along the Lake Michigan Trail in downtown Chicago. It's a beautiful trail. Every time we're downtown with the kids we talk about running along it.
So we did. Not too far...probably six or seven miles. But, it was a good run and we were together.

Who knows. Maybe the Chicago Marathon 2014 is calling our name.

After our run last weekend on Lake Michigan

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