Thursday, October 24, 2013

The social scene

Both of my kids were reprimanded in the same week for being a tad too social.

I kind of expect it from Johnny. He's such a little goofball that I wasn't shocked when his teacher told me that Johnny was "being silly" with his friends and was rushing through his work.

Julie came as a complete surprise. She used to be my little wall flower--the little girl who would kick and scream at the mere mention of play dates. The one who would cling to my side and whine to go home when we were in a big group of kids.

The information came home in the form of  a progress report. A little dash appeared next to "speaks at inappropriate times." Say what??

Apparently our shy little girl is "quite social" according to her second grade teacher. She finishes her work quickly, so there is sometimes downtime when she turns and talks to her "best friends."
She has three little best friends, and every day she brings home a letter or drawing from another kid in class.

The other day a little girl wrote her a note "Julie you are a really nice girl. It's no wonder you have three best friends. If you ever need anything I am here for you."

I can't say I haven't noticed Julie's social urges, but It all kind of snuck up on us.

I guess I always assumed she'd be a little shy like I was when I was at her age.
Though I had friends, I was completely intimidated by big groups and I would throw up at the thought of speaking in front of class. I am so relieved Julie didn't inherit the shy gene--or at least not to the extent that I had it as a young kid.

I have to say I'm a tiny bit pleased that Julie has become Miss Social. I love that she's comfortable and happy at school, and she has some good friends.

That doesn't mean she escaped a "talking to" by Scott and me. But, secretly we were just glad our little girl was doing well in school and loving it.

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