Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Munch: De Cero Taqueria

"De  Cero" means "from scratch," and De Cero Taqueria lives up to this translation. Located in a trendy stretch on Randolph Street in West Chicago, De Cero serves up small, but tasty bites. Scott and I stumbled upon the place while out for a date day in the city. We were actually looking for a barbeque restaurant, but Scott made a wrong turn and ended up driving past De Cero. It must have been fate because I was secretly longing for some Mexican. We ordered a couple margaritas. Scott's mango chile margarita was a bit too thick for his liking and he would have rather opted for a more refreshing drink, but he was glad he tried. My passion fruit margarita was tasty, but I've had better margaritas. The food, however, was fresh, unique and delicious.
We devoured the duck nachos, tamales and fish tacos. We weren't quite prepared for the tiny portions, so we weren't completely satisfied. We left wanting more, which means we will be back!

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