Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Munch: Twin Anchors

I'm a sucker for history.
I just love exploring old places and daydreaming about who might have lived, walked or met there. So, when I heard about Twin Anchors in Chicago, I was all about it. It's one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago, and is situated in the Old Town building built in 1881. Since 1931 it has been Twin Anchors, a pretty famous barbeque joint, considering Frank Sinatra used to frequent the place, and the restaurant has been the scene of a few movies.
Though I wouldn't say the food is excellent, Twin Anchors is worthy of a visit. With its old school tavern charm and nautical theme, Twin Anchors has a fun atmosphere, and you can't but marvel at its history.

Twin Anchors in 1910

Inside the restaurant today

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