Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Un-Wacky Wednesday

Today Johnny walked into his preschool classroom to find most of his friends with crazy hair, mismatched shoes or backwards pants.
Yikes. It was Wacky Wednesday. I totally didn't get the memo.

Or maybe I did?
I frantically tried to convince Johnny to turn his jacket inside out or put his shoes on the wrong feet (anything wacky!). He wasn't having it.

"It's hard to keep track of everything," one mom commented sympathetically (I think...) as she watched my frenzy.

Really? Did she just say that to me? This isn't me. This is the opposite of me. I love Wacky Wednesday! I used to be the mom who planned for weeks how to make their kid look the wackiest.
How the heck could I mess this up?

I've never once forgotten a Wacky Wednesday or Freaky Friday or Silly Hat day or School Spirit Day or Red Ribbon Week. I know when it's library day and that Julie should pack sneakers on Mondays and Fridays for gym, and that on Wednesdays Johnny should wear shoes with laces so the kids can practice tying shoes. Every other Thursday is Girlscouts followed by dance class, and Johnny has swimming on Wednesdays. Tuesdays are piano lessons and Wednesdays are spelling tests.

I've got this Really. I'm good.

But I forgot Wacky Wednesday.

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