Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yes. We have a dog....

Evidence that we have a puppy in the house:

My very favorite red high heels=chew toy.


Entertainment center in our bedroom=the corner destroyed


But, the most  egregious act of all: My Bear Bear=completely thrashed. I’ve had this not-quite-cute-anymore stuffed animal since I was 2 years old. I loved that raggedy bear. My mom had stitched his little arms and re-attached his eyes more than a few times. He was so well loved.

Life with a puppy is definitely more than we bargained for. It’s like having another toddler—and some days I’d rather have a human toddler instead. He’s an adorable, sweet and snuggly little guy but he finds trouble, and requires tons of attention. Just like any other puppy (or toddler) .... I get it.

But, then there’s this…

Here’s little Chico sitting by the front door—patiently waiting for Julie to come home from school. And, the kisses and snuggles afterwards make it all worth it.


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